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Custom Home Builders in Carmel | Kasavan Construction

How To Find Custom Home Builders in Carmel

Nestled on the Pacific coast between California’s two great population centers, Carmel is a one-of-a-kind place to live. If you call Carmel home and have plans to build a new house or expand your current dwelling, selecting a contractor is a make-or-break decision. There’s no shortage of custom home builders in Carmel, so it pays to know what steps will lead you to your ideal contractor.

What Are the Legal Qualifications for Custom Home Builders in Carmel?

In California, any building project that exceeds $500 requires a bonded, licensed and insured contractor. Before you sign with a builder, make sure they meet these three qualifications.


California requires all contractors to post a surety bond. A bond is a binding agreement between the contractor, the California Contractors State License Board and an insurer. The surety bond covers situations where a customer believes a builder has fallen short of contractual obligations. If the parties cannot reach a compensation agreement, a customer may file a claim against the contractor’s surety bond. A surety bond is also one of the requirements for a California contractor’s license.


Beyond posting the bond, custom home builders in Carmel must meet several other standards to obtain a state contractor’s license:

  • Complete at least four years of work in construction, with documentation.
  • Submit to a background check with fingerprints.
  • Pass the CSLB Trade Exam.
  • Pass the CSLB Law and Business Exam.
  • Affirm no unpaid child support.


Insurance is a practical necessity for every home builder. Nearly every project requires workers’ compensation insurance and general liability coverage. Contractors tailor other insurance packages according to a project’s size, completion time and weather risk.

How Do I Build a Short List of Custom Home Builders in Carmel?

Client experience is the acid test for any home builder. Recommendations from friends, family and coworkers are an ideal way to begin your contractor list. Beyond the quality of workmanship, these individuals can provide candid feedback on their working relationship with the builder.

If no one in your circle has recently hired a builder, consider speaking with a Monterey County real estate agent. By necessity, agents keep themselves well-versed in all aspects of the region’s housing scene. In addition to knowing long-established custom home builders in Carmel, real estate agents are uniquely positioned to spot up-and-coming contractors making waves with quality work.

How Do I Finalize My Home Builder Choice?

With your list in hand, you can begin talking with contractor candidates. Your home builder prospects should provide thorough and precise answers to your questions. Along with these answers, pay close attention to the questions your prospective contractor asks you.

Savvy contractors are vigilant about any issues that may cause construction delays. Pinpointing snags before construction begins can save you time and money. If your builder candidate welcomes your efforts to eliminate ambiguities in the final contract, you’re likely to enjoy an excellent working relationship.

Why Should I Partner With Kasavan Construction?

Communication is the guiding principle of Kasavan Construction, and that commitment makes us one of the best custom home builders in Carmel. We also handle decks, additions and interior remodels for clients in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Del Rey Oaks and Carmel Valley. If you need building services, we invite you to contact us today.