Our Story

David Kasavan | Owner | Kasavan Construction

Kasavan Construction is more than just a contracting company. Established in 2018 by Owner David Kasavan, Kasavan Construction goes much farther back than that.

Born as a third-generation Monterey County native, David was exposed to the construction industry at a young age by his second-generation architect father, Peter. David learned how to swing a hammer about the same time he learned how to swing a bat.

Fast forward to David’s college days, where he picked up a job on a construction site in Monterey County. It was then, and there David knew what his true calling was. David dove headfirst into the industry and soaked up all the knowledge he could find.

After seven years of learning different aspects of the construction trade in Monterey County, David decided it was time to make his move, and a more significant impact, by starting Kasavan Construction.

The team at Kasavan Construction strives for only one thing, client satisfaction. Because of this, Kasavan Construction maintains world-class craftsmanship and results.

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